Join My Oil Painting Boot Camp Workshop in Portland this March!

When: March 2-3, 2019.

Where: Arcangelo Studio, 522 N. Thompson Street Portland, OR 97227

What Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Tuition: $225

Register through Paypal.


Paint looser, and bring a boost energy to your painting during this two-day workshop with Oregon artist Sarah Sedwick! This fun and focused workshop hits the basics of value and composition design, and is all about rich color and lively brushwork. Learn the alla prima technique, and pack your paintings with confident, harmonious color while simplifying your palette. Get a new perspective on the still life, and great tips for bringing inspiration to your own studio practice.

We will do quick, fun exercises and longer duration paintings. Sarah will demonstrate her process, and work with each student individually. Painters of all levels are welcome. Begin your oil painting journey or give your skills a work out!

(This workshop is still life based. Students of all levels welcome,
ages 15 and above.)

Materials List:

Palette  - a 12x16 (or larger) disposable paper palette pad. Get white, not gray.

Palette knife – not a teeny one. You want to be able to scoop up a pile of paint with it.

Rags or paper towels (I like disposable blue shop towels, available at hardware stores)

Solvent: Gamsol or Turpenoid

2 glass jars with tight-fitting lids, for solvent

Paint - Yes, we only use four tubes of paint in this workshop! A red, yellow, and blue - plus white!
I use M. Graham brand. Here are some suggested colors:

Titanium white
Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium red, Pyrrol red
Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt blue, Pthalo blue
Cadmium yellow, Hansa yellow, Azo yellow

*Note: water-soluble oils are not recommended.
Brushes - I use taklon (synthetic, white bristles) and hog bristle, but I encourage you to use what you’re comfortable with.  A good starter kit is a #2 round and a #4 flat and a #4 or #6 filbert.

Canvases or other painting surfaces:

Two 12x16” canvas boards, a pad of canvas paper, or Arches oil paper
One canvas, minimum size 8x8” - or any size you’d like to work on for about 3 hours.

Easel and side table

A standing travel easel. (A french easel or plein air easel)
            *The studio does not have easels. I have a few to lend - ask about reserving one if you don't have an easel.

A TV table or side table for your palette (optional, but helpful!)

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