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"Thank you a million times over for all that I learned from you today... It is like you opened a door that I just couldn't figure out how to open."
- Linda H.  Beaufort, SC

"Having your feedback is really helping me. I feel like i am turning a corner and starting to see with that new, improved set of eyes" 
-Kathy W. Shreveport, LA

What are your artistic goals? Whether you’re a beginning painter or someone looking to hone your skills, my aim is to meet you where you are with an individualized program, including a combination of pre-set assignments and feedback on your own work.

Teaching is such a rewarding experience for me. I love watching students develop their skills and their unique artistic eye - and this mentorship program gives me the opportunity to do that over the long term - not just the course of a weekend workshop.

The focus of my curriculum is oil painting, with drawing a close second. I’m a big believer in sketchbooks, and will suggest that you being a “drawing a day” habit - at least 15-20 minutes a day.

Sarah Sedwick art coach online mentorship

 With painting, I like to start simple - in black and white. Black and white is one of my favorite ways to paint - and it helps so much with the most indispensable fundamental of all representational art: the mastery of value relationships. Color won't be far behind - most of my work is about color, after all - and my approach involves lots of mixing practice and working with limited palettes to deepen your familiarity with every paint color you choose to use.

online art coach mentorship program with Sarah Sedwick

We will exchange images and critiques via email, a shared Pinterest page, and a (voluntary) Facebook group page only for my online students - as well as live video chat sessions and demos.

online art mentorship art coach sarah sedwick

Tuition is $150 per month. Email me at for more details! 
art coach painting online art mentorship with sarah sedwick

Here's a link to a great blog post by one of my students, about her online mentorship experience.

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