Saturday, March 5, 2011

Repose by Candlelight

18 x 24"
oil on canvas
(on hold)

We had a great time last night at First Friday Art Walk. I am the March featured artist at Imagine Gallery, and they have nine new, framed paintings of mine - almost all of them painted in 2011! Wish we had remembered to take pictures! Thanks so much to Tym for making the gallery and my work look so great, and to everyone who stopped by to say hi.

This piece has kept me busy for the past few days, including repainting the candle once because I decided I wanted it to be shorter. Good thing it's in the nature of candles to, well, become shorter! 

P.S. Franken Frames is offering free shipping this weekend on $100+ orders. Especially for artists, or those of you collectors who have a lot of art you'd like to frame, this is a great deal. I can personally attest to the awesomeness of this company's product quality.


Debbie said...

It's perfect. I love the shape of the blue shadow, and the warm color of the wall.. the brightness of the oranges in the center,the reflection of the candle on the edge of the table, I could go on and on...everything about it is lovely.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Debbie! Especially coming from you, it's a great compliment!