Saturday, October 12, 2013

Beware, My Pretties

16 x 20 inches, oil on canvas

Have you ever met someone and been captivated by their face right away? From the moment I saw Dakota's mysterious eyes and gorgeous slender fingers, I knew she'd be a fantastic portrait subject - not to mention her nose, which is truly distinctive and elegant. These are the things artists are thinking when they meet you, folks: you may believe they're enjoying your pleasant conversation, but really they're sizing you up! 

So beware, my pretties, if we ever meet: you just might end up motionless on my couch for several hours!

(Here's a work-in-progress:)


Debbie said...

She is beautiful. I love your choice of dark background color and the fabric she is sitting against is a wonderful accent. Her expression, her hands, her skin tone.. everything is fantastic! Love it! I can't take my eyes off her face!

Karen Boe said...

So lovely Sarah! I'm not sure what the right word for it is - soft, subdued, blended, refined...something. But this one seems to be different approach to your usual figure/portrait work. I love it and the model is so beautiful. Hope you do more of her.