Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Traveling and Teaching

I just got home from teaching an amazing group of painters at The Conservatory for Classical Art in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! I must say I was thrilled with it all - the space, the students, even the crazy Oklahoma weather, which certainly keeps it interesting. I'm already looking forward to heading back next year!

Below you can see the space, in the upper left, before I brought my explosion of fruit and fabric to the scene. The Conservatory is housed in an old dance school, so it has a soft wooden floor, with lots of give - great for walking around on all day. Also mirrors on three walls - and barres, in case you need to take a break from painting for a pliƩ or two!

What would you choose to paint, from the cornucopia on the bottom right? 


 These are my demo paintings from the weekend - each painted "at" specific issues I wanted to address.


 Here I am with my students, with one missing. It was a great group, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them!
(I'm second from left, sitting down)

These were some talented artists, and undaunted by the most complicated subjects: halved peppers, glass bowls...the only thing that intimidated these brave ladies was the timer. And I do love to use the timer!

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Leslie Lienau said...

You are a fabulous teacher and we were lucky to have you come to Oklahoma! Thank you for traveling here! We can't wait to have you back next year. The group learned so much from your generous and informative teaching style.
Thanks so much!!
The Conservatory for Classical Art

Katia Kyte said...

I'm so excited for you. It is just a beginning. You will travel all over the place I'm sure. I feel so lucky that I had an opportunity to learn from you. You are a wonderful teacher! Thank you.