Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mindful Mixing

 "Limited Palette Lemons"
8 x 8 inches, oil on canvas
Sold, demo painting

I just wrapped up the inaugural session of a brand new workshop called "Mindful Mixing." It's kind of a blend of color theory with my existing still life workshop exercises.

We started off with a complimentary color painting. Learning to see color as By painting an all-white still life using No. White. 

Here's my demo, painted with Hansa yellow and Dioxazine purple:

By the end of the workshop, we were doing full-spectrum paintings using only three tubes plus white. My lemon demo above was painted using only Alizarin crimson, Cadmium yellow, and Cerulean blue. Can you believe I got the bowl to feel that deep deep blue using only Cerulean? 

Here are some shots from the weekend, including incredible student work:

I'll be teaching Zorn palette portrait at Oregon Art Supply this weekend - there are still spots open. Mindful Mixing will be run again soon - so sign up for their mailing list for information on that! Thanks for looking.

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