Thursday, February 4, 2016

Self-Portrait Time Machine, and Subconscious Artistic Influences

 "Self-Portrait at 36"
24 x 18 inches, oil on canvas

Suddenly, it's been two years since my last large self-portrait.
Although I'd really like to avoid as many cliches as possible here, I'll allow myself one: it feels like only yesterday....


In looking at these side-by-side, I notice a strangely similar thing happening around the neckline of both shirts. They aren't the same shirt (though I do still wear the sweater from the first portrait), but my undershirt is peeking out in both. 

After wondering about it for a while, I noticed this print on my wall....which I've been looking at, on one wall and another, since about the age of twelve.

Thank you, Modigliani, for invading my subconscious.

And here are my works-in-progress. First the head gets bigger, then the body grows to match it!

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