Friday, December 30, 2016

A Still Life Commission

 "Membrillo and Moroccan Plate"
18 x 24 inches, oil on canvas
Sold, commission piece

Sometimes that perfect piece of art is not out there waiting for you to find it, and you have to take matters into your own hands! That's what one savvy collector did recently when she commissioned me to paint this still life of quince. There's a backstory here, but first: my process!

I began with the objects she supplied me - the fruit, a jar of her homemade quince jelly, the Membrillo (a paste made of quince) and its wrapping paper, and several lovey plates and dishes in a blue-and-white color scheme - and arranged them with some additions of my own. Then I did this value study - it's about 9x12:

 The great thing about still life commissions is that the general parameters come from the client, but the inspiration is still my own. I could have made a hundred different paintings with the subjects I was presented! The quince were lovely - a fruit I've never painted before. 

Here's how this painting came together - an underpainting in sepia tones, then I blocked in the blue plate so it had time to dry before I added the pattern. The rest just flowed from there.
 This family bought a painting from me four years ago - a gift for their daughter. And this commission was a gift for another of their daughters, the Membrillo-maker herself! When I delivered the painting, I got to meet both girls, and see the older painting again, which is always a treat.  

Feeling very lucky and blessed - both to have gotten to make this piece, and to work with these amazing, art-loving people.  

Thanks for reading!


Helene Adamson said...

What could be a more lovely compliment than a repeat commission? This is a stellar piece, Sarah, and it's so good of you to share the process. Your previous painting of persimmons is absolutely wonderful, too.

JARuns said...

Thanks for sharing, Sarah! Both paintings are wonderful. What lucky ladies to have these original paintings in their collection.

Alice Abner said...

That's some amazing pieces of Photography :)
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