Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Four Elements

painting cups ribbon dishes still life
 "Four Elements"
10 x 10 inches, oil on canvas

This still life was not originally intended to be an allegory of the four elements - it got its name because it has, literally, four elements. Looking at it just now, however, it came to me that they could be symbols - the fish dish for water, the orange ribbon for fire...the blue cup for air, and the white for....earth? It's "feet" are on the ground, anyway. 

I recently visited an astrologer, and was told that I have a lot of the Air element in my birth chart. One interesting thing about that: air signs are connected to birds and their feathers. Go figure!

A black and white oil sketch for this piece. Paint in my sketchbook - something I've been doing a lot lately!

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Helene Adamson said...

This is lovely, Sarah. I find the blue cup particularly appealing. I feel as if I could run my finger over it's buff-colored base and experience the roughness of the unglazed ceramic.