Monday, November 6, 2017

Teaching Figure Painting with Zorn

14 x 18 inches, oil on canvas
Workshop Demonstration

I taught "Beginning Figure Painting" on my home turf this past weekend, at Whiteaker Printmakers in Eugene. It was an enthusiastic, talented group, and I thoroughly enjoyed painting with them!  

Can you spot me in this picture?

We started out with gesture drawings, mixed flesh tones using the Zorn palette, and they painted these lovely pieces - all in two days!

 Here's my color chart, and two little demos - same pose, different lighting, four values.

If you're interested in trying this limited palette technique, I've got two portrait workshops coming up - one this weekend, November 11-12 at Sequioa Gallery + Studios in the Portland, OR area (spaces are still available), and the other in Eugene, at Oregon Art Supply, January 6-7

Live models, and lots of painting! Click the links for details.


Joanne McCabe said...

While I would prefer, personally, painting partially clothed models (probably because I love folds and fabric, too), give me a limited palette, and I'm on board. The Zorn is very opaque, and, thus, heavy, but I love "cheating" on some of the colors (such as "green") which you really can't get with those starting colors.

[I recently painted a green pepper sketch with yellow ochre, raw umber and white -- which seem the most unpromising set of tubes for such a task. However, it did look "green pepper" in a muted, low-key way!]

Love the choppy, vigorous look, particularly in the model backgrounds.

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