About Me

 Hi! I'm Sarah. Welcome, and thanks for reading.


I'm an oil painter living in Eugene, Oregon. It's gorgeous here, but it rains a LOT - which perfectly suits my passion for indoor painting. I love my cosy home-studio and the endless possibilities I find to paint there - from eggs to floral bouquets or my morning cup of coffee. I always paint from life. The only photos I use in my work are the ones you see on this blog!     

I was born in Ohio in 1979, and received a BFA from Maryland Institute, College of Art in 2001. My major was Illustration, and while I loved the challenge of conceptual and narrative art, I found myself spending most of my time painting. At the time, my secret dream was to become a portraitist.

After a summer abroad in Israel, I painted my first serious still lives as a reflection upon the precious souvenirs from my journey.

After I graduated from art school, I went through a period of intense self-doubt during which I did almost NO art for several years. What was I going to do with my life? I worked in restaurants, a book store, watered office plants, and even made corporate Christmas decorations for a few months!
I got married in my mid-twenties, and shortly thereafter we decided to move to Oregon. It was a big change, and a great one. Once we were settled, I knew it was time to begin making art again. And then I found Daily Painting.
My first daily painting, February 2008
 Daily Painting is a movement of artists who have taken on the challenge of creating a new, small piece of art each and every day, and blogging about it. I fell in love with the possibilities immediately. Because the paintings are small, there is far less pressure to be "perfect." If something isn't working out, you wipe it off and start over. Tomorrow will be a new day. 
Daily painting, along with writing my blog and joining the fabulous community of artists online has given me a new perspective on creating art, and has been a perfect complement to my figure and portrait painting practice.

In the past few years, I've had a lot of great opportunities, including two solo shows, teaching workshops, and some really cool commissions. I always love meeting the art-loving public at festivals, art walks, and galleries. 

Phew! Thanks for reading this far. My blog will always be a work in progress, and I continue to appreciate and rely on all of your love and support.  


FoodFaithFitness said...

Your work is beautiful! That must be a challenge to paint something everyday!

Diane Ouzoonian said...

What are your palette colors?

Rusu Alexandru said...

Thank you very much for the painting pansies and peaches.It's very beautiful gift and all of your painting is awesome.Good luck! :)

Kirsten Savage said...

Over Christmas, I ran into our old MICA teacher, Michael Economos, and he sees so many former students not doing anything art related anymore. What a waste of an amazing education! SO glad to see that you rallied back to the easel- your work is great and your commitment is admirable. What an inspiration, Sarah. Keep up the good work!

Alex Jabore said...

You have some stunning paintings.

Mo (Zen Pro) said...

I am truly mesmerized by your talent and works of art, a true master!

jui fardin said...
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Makayla Charleston said...

Nice painting. Thanks a lot to share.....
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Micheal Adams said...
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harilinn said...


Beautiful work and beautiful women. So, landscape and "nature morte" are fine in your personnaly choice (colours and "cadrage").
I invite you to purchase your work on modeling nude figure and experiment different approach of model treatment (for exemple : stenogramme or speed croquis). You should see after a new perception of space in all your painting study.

Good luck.