Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Old Fashioned

3 x 3"
oil on bristol vellum

$0 s/h

This little painting reminds me of my time as a waitress and bartender. Cherries and oranges get muddled together in a drink called an "Old Fashioned." Sound good? It is...if you like bourbon! Here's the recipe.


Anonymous said...

Your work is so detailed, and yet up close looks so fresh and loose. Your self portrait is absolutely you do many portraits?

S.M. Sedwick said...

Hi, Veronica -

Portraits are my first love - there is absolutely nothing in life that compares to the rush you get when you know you've really captured someone's likeness. I don't get a chance to do too many of them these days since I am focusing so much on still lives, but I am always open to commissions. I'm also thinking of entering this self-portrait contest, so I may try a few more self-portraits before the entry deadline.

Ann Reyes said...

Sarah, thanks for your comments! I'm happy to find your blog, too. Your paintings are wonderful! I love your self-portraits. I, also, am partial to portraits. And, you're a cat person! Yea!