Saturday, May 10, 2008

Duck Decoy

8 x 10"
oil on gessoboard

Have you, dear reader, ever tried drawing a duck decoy before? It's hard! I think it took me longer to get the drawing down, both in my sketchbook and on this panel, than it did to paint it. In the end, it felt a lot like painting a portrait, what with the shiny eye and the precise angle of the head. It was remarkable to me how the duck's facial "expression" really seemed to change depending on how I lit him. Oh, and he was one patient model, let me tell you!


Susan Carlin said...

It DOES look like a portrait! This is beautifully done, Sarah. Has your dad seen it? Or would it spoil his Father's Day present?

Joshua said...

Very nice job! Beautifully done.

KTW said...

Excellent piece.
Have you seen or made any hand carved wooden decoys?
Check some of mine out:

Keep up the great work!