Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nocturne in Blue

8 x 8"
oil on panel (built-in hanging slot)
$5 s/h

This one looks really cool in person. I put it up on a high shelf in my studio, where I can see it from across the room each time I enter. To me it expresses a calm, serene mood.


Jason Waskey said...


I came to say 'thanks' for the Arte y Pico award, and came across this first thing. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Came this way via Aarons' blog. The blue glass just jumps out and says " I'm so smooth and shiny, just run your finger over the surface- see ?"

Lovely painting and great use of color.
I admired your self portrait too.
How hard are THOSE!

Very good indeed.

Amy Mann said...

I like the square format. Nice painting!

PAT MEYER -- said...

What a great use of color and composition. I agree that this painting is very calming. Would you be interested in exchanging blog sites.