Friday, May 18, 2012

"The Checkerboard Table" *Revised*

8 x 8"
oil on canvas

I adjusted the flowers to look a bit more natural in the vase. Above is the revised version, below is the original. What do you think?

I rescued this funky table from Gabriella's tree lawn after her last studio move. I thought, what the hell, I might want to paint it someday.... and finally, a year later, that day has come! Here is her interpretation.


Anonymous said...

Love the painting. However, the irises in a jug appear to be arranged a tad unnaturally. Shouldn't they lean against the rim of the jug, kind of spread out, not bunched up like they are still tied together in a bunch with the rubber band? That's distracts from the painting a little. Other than that, beautiful. Would buy in a heartbeat.

Sarah said...

Anon, I appreciate your comment! Read more on FB:

Christopher Greco said...

Lovely painting as always. Someone once wrote to me and said "I'm surprised you would waste paint on such an ugly scene"

Sarah said...

Thanks for commenting, Chris - I've been loving your New Yorker cover contest entries. I subscribe, and when you get one, I will frame it!

Anonymous said...

I do have a name. I left my comment as Anonymous because it was the only available option, as I don't have a blog or a website. I didn't want to use a fake name, although I could, and I didn't want to reveal my real name, as I was hoping to acquire one or two of your paintings one day.

I didn't mean my comment to be offensive, although it appears it did offend you. For that I apologize. I was just wondering in my own clumsy way if it was possible to correct something like that in a painting (not that you should).

Anyway, water under the bridge. But seriously, nobody wraps paper towels around the stems of the flowers when they put them in a pitcher--unless they paint a painting of flowers in a pitcher, of course--a work of art for the consumption of some dolts who don't understand art but who nevertheless buy it.

Please forgive me if you can. (I'm a she, and I am a runner, too.)


Sarah said...

Hey, LV - Darn, it can be so hard to convey emotions on the internet sometimes! I'm not offended (and you're right, nobody puts paper towels around flowers in a vase, but maybe now they will start - or maybe not!) I was honestly surprised to receive constructive criticism on my blog, because this is the first time in over 4 years that it has happened! These painting blogs usually feel much more like a love-fest for artists to compliment each other, and we could use more brave souls like you who actually say what they think. That's why I wanted to post it on FB, but I think my cheeky attitude got away from me. As you say, water under the bridge - and thanks. (And, I'm going to maybe tweak the painting of the stems today.) -Sarah