Monday, July 16, 2012

"Jessie" custom portrait painting oil sketch

16 x 20"
oil on canvas

I unearthed this piece while searching for something else last week. I had sort of forgotten about it - it's more or less unfinished, but I like it. I like the model, too - my little sister!

I painted this from life, but if you have a sister - or any old special someone - you'd like to immortalize in paint, I'm open to working from your photos. Email me if you'd like to discuss a commission.


Anonymous said...

hi Sarah,
nice portrait of your sis.
I love the natural light and the
immediacy and intimacy of the expression on her face.
thanks for taking the time to post, even with a family visit.
been missing the daily post.


Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

Hi Sandra -

Thanks for your kind comment. I miss my blog - and my readers - when I'm away for several days!

Anonymous said...

I'm really missing tuning in for your daily painting.

BTW I emailed some of your paintings to my sister Bonni... and she's the one that just bought that beautiful portrait that you did in a figure studio class... the woman with the red flower in her hair.

dog portrait artist said...

Will be messaging you in the future.