Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Seal Rock: Getting Over My Issues.

 "Seal Rock"
12 x 16 inches, oil on canvas

I've had issues with Seal Rock in the past. Fog, Food poisoning....bad paintings....but Seal Rock is my husband's favorite beach on the Oregon coast, because the enormous yellow rock protects the beach from wind, keeping it warm enough to frolic on (in bathing suits, which no one would dare wear on the OR coast, except Jesse and Ellie, because they are extremely warm-blooded, and also crazy). To keep out of the wind, you have to climb down a nicely paved path just south of the rock itself, but for this painting, I set up a quarter mile down 101, at a viewpoint off the highway. I climbed over the guard rail and planted my easel and umbrella in the clifftop dirt. It was a great spot, and a not-too-windy day - considering - luckily I stayed upright long enough to sketch this in. I also enjoyed talking to the many photography enthusiasts who seemed to know the spot well.

Ah, Seal Rock. I may finally have figured out what my husband sees in you!