Monday, October 27, 2014

A Coastal Retreat

 "The Last Raspberries"
12 x 24 inches, oil on canvas

Honest, I did not intend to be out of touch for the past week! But what a glorious week it was....

I rented a studio in Toledo, Oregon, and painted up a storm. It was a perfect little place: a renovated, historic building from the 1880's, which used to house the Justice of the Peace for this tiny coastal town. It's owned by Michael Gibbons, an artist who paints amazing Northwest landscapes. The light in the studio is sublime, and I think you'll see the evidence in all my work from the week!

Here's my block-in for this piece:

 And here's the approach to the studio:

Skylights, north-facing windows, peace and quiet. Lack of wifi kept me from blogging, but really, isn't an enforced internet break what we all need sometimes?

The weather was typical Oregon coast October: windy, windier, rainy, and chilly. I was perfectly satisfied to stay inside and focus on still life, painting my beach-walk finds and some antique store treasures. Stay tuned for much much more!

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