Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I Expose My Reference

 "Self Portrait Sketch no. 2"
10 x 8 inches, oil on canvas

I've explained it before - I always paint self portraits from photo reference. I took a slew of selfies the other day, and have been trying out a few different heads - hoping to complete a large self portrait (head and hands) before the end of the year.

It's a tall order. Good thing I'm a short person!

Here's the photo for this one:

Any other painters want to give it a shot?


Teri said...

Really really nice job, Sarah! SP doesn't look stiff and staid, but fresh and cool! Merry Christmas!

Karen Dietz said...

Everything you do is so inspiring Sarah! Thanks for another very instructive, enjoyable post, and Merry Christmas to you!

Maria Bennett Hock said...

Love this self portrait.

Joseph PfeifferHerbert said...

I'll give this painting a shot. I kind of like painting portraits. ;)

Jaroslav B said...

If you mean to paint your portrait from the mentioned photo reference then I would try it as well, digitally, if you don't mind... :)

Anonymous said...

Sarah, thanks for the inspiration. I'm looking forward to seeing your larger portrait ! I hope I don't have to wait a whole year though !

Yes, I want to give it a shot too. I haven't painted a myself from a "selfie" before. How do you take such good selfless ??
If I can't get a good photo, I'll work in front of a mirror. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, that was my comment above , about how to take a decent selfie…
Anyway, I was wondering also if you meant to paint from YOUR reference photo. . . . That would be fun ! I'm getting back into painting… my new year's resolution is to create art regularly this year, so I'm looking for a place to jump in !

Jody Regan Paints! said...

Great portrait!! Alive.