Saturday, July 2, 2016

Painting Together, Painting Alone

 "Blueberry Tart"
10 x 10 inches, oil on canvas

I love a new project - and I have one this week! I've been attending open studio sessions to draw and paint the figure for years, and lately have found myself wondering - could that model (no pun intended) work with still life? Get a group of like-minded artists together to paint, chat, and share a still life set-up...why not?

The inaugural session of the Still Life Open Studio was this past Thursday at Whiteaker Printmakers' Annex - the same space where I recently taught a figure painting workshop. There were six of us in attendance, but I brought enough subject matter for a small army of artists. Tea and lemons....shocker!

The fruit tarts were a change for me. First time painting one - and I loved the shiny fruit! 

Underpainting to finish. I always start my still lives the same way: with a wet-toned canvas in a warm neutral orange, then a value block-in in thin paint. I recently made a video for my online mentorship students demonstrating my whole process. If you enjoy watching it, give it a thumbs up on YouTube - I'd appreciate it!

Talking to myself in an empty wonder I was craving a group of painters to hang with!


Leslie D said...

This is very, very helpful! Thank you for posting this. I would love to see the final painting! I hope you also recorded a video showing how you completed this.


Sue Marrazzo said...

Lovely post and work!!!!!!

Amy said...

Yes! Thanks so much for sharing this video. Love your work, too!!