Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Plein Air for the Still Life Painter

 "In the Pear Orchard"
14 x 18 inches, oil on canvas

After a morning of painting landscape, this still life painter was ready to get back to more familiar territory. So, I found some fruit to paint - plein air! it even had a tree attached.

I continued using my palette from the morning, now with some lovely leftover greys all mixed up.

 I parked my easel in back of a U-pick farmstand, in a shaded spot between three pear trees. No plein air umbrella needed - perfect!           

I began with those patches of bright sunlight hitting the pears - the very first stroke on the canvas (after my underpainting) was the bright spot on the central pear. Everything else got keyed below that, to really make it pop!

oil painting work-in-progress by Sarah Sedwick

Fresh off the easel. This one was really fun!

plein air oil painting of a pear tree by sarah sedwick


Sylvia Tucker said...

Beautiful - and it's delightful to get to see the process!

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