Saturday, June 10, 2017

Green Onions on Blue - And Thoughts on Using Black Paint

 art painting onions blue and white
"Green Onions on Blue" 
10 x 10 inches, oil on canvas

 Here's are the colors I used for this painting. You'll notice that I have black in there - in fact, I almost always have black on my palette. Rather than using it to paint black things, or to darken other colors, I treat it like a blue - a very dark, desaturated blue. Usually, I mix dark greens with it. 


I also used it to whip up that little preliminary value study, right in my sketchbook. Ten minutes of planning makes a huge difference in the finished product - oil sketches are a practice I highly recommend!


Taryn Day said...

This is such a gorgeous painting, Sarah. The composition is so pleasing, as is the analogous color scheme and the terrific value contrasts. Bravo!

Helene Adamson said...

I especially admire the way you capture the texture and surface of ceramics -- they appear so 'creamy' and solid. Your composition and color choices are perfect, as always.