Friday, September 30, 2011

"Reverie" - Portrait painting by Sarah Sedwick

11 x 14"
oil on canvas
I've been in a painting slump this month, that's for sure. These unmotivated periods come to us all. One way I like to try and break out of my funks is by attending live figure painting sessions. No messing around deciding what to paint, you just show up, find an empty spot in the studio, and go at it.

"Sketch for 'Reverie'"
6 x 8"

Thursday, September 15, 2011

September Plums

6 x 6"
oil on canvas

I love these plums. Not many other fruits manage to be purple and yellow at the same time!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dahlias in a Jar

8 x 8"
oil on canvas

Here are the wedding Dahlias again. I got some new canvases from a fellow Etsy shop, Artist Brand Canvas. Their canvases are made by hand, in the USA, and the price and quality are good. Nick put together a completely custom order for me, and was super-easy to communicate with. I will be a repeat customer for sure!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wedding Flowers

8 x 10"
oil on canvas panel

One of the centerpieces from a beautiful woodland wedding we attended over the weekend. Dahlias are pretty complex, structure-wise, but if I stay far enough away from them (and squint), I think we will continue to get along fine. The colors are so great, I was fantasizing about painting them all through the party!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Peaches and Plum on Plaid

6 x 6"
oil on panel
Last night was the artwalk, and I was downtown hanging out in "Artist's Alley," a new (and very cool) idea to generate buzz around the monthly event. I had some paintings and cards for sale, and I was painting away on this little piece at my table while people browsed my wares. It was lots of fun - thanks to everyone who came down to say Hi!

Friday, September 2, 2011

A Labor of Love - and Giveaway winner!

"Plums and Black-Eyed-Susans"
oil on canvas
I recently got a load of framed paintings back from a show, and I've been working hard to update my Etsy shop with (what I hope are) lovely photographs. When I think of how much time and energy I've put into my Etsy shop, it blows me away that it's not even really concrete - it's totally virtual! Yet every day when I visit, I feel something like the satisfaction of dusting off the shelves in a real bricks-and-mortar store. With a lot less commuting!

I'm pleased to announce the winner of my August painting giveaway, chosen from the complete list of my email subscribers using (address modified by me to anonymize), please step forward and claim your prize! Thanks to everyone that entered, and stay tuned because I will be doing this again SOON!