Friday, May 25, 2018

Inner Circle

"Inner Circle"
8 x 8 inches, oil on canvas

A fun, colorful painting from my Still Life Open Studio earlier this week. Just reveling in thick, juicy paint, and the interplay of colors - like that turquoise reflection on the apple in the bowl. Yum!

Want to get inside my process for creating a painting like this - from still life setup to signature? Come join me for a workshop! (Locations from Seattle to Oklahoma to Nashville - check 'em out!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Pink Ladies

 "Pink Ladies"
12 x 16 inches, oil on canvas

Pretty in pink - and white! There's some luscious thick paint on those apples. Click the image to zoom way in! 

Here's my sketch - sharpie, ballpoint pen, and white marker on tan paper. These really help me plan my composition and value structure.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Blue Vines

"Blue Vines"
12 x 16 inches, oil on canvas

Blue vines on the bowl, green vines in the bowl! Love this little Hoya plant. It has so much movement and liveliness about it, and almost grows before my eyes.