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What my students are saying:

"Thank you Sarah for sharing your sweet talent with us at the workshop this last week. You are a wonderful teacher and I truly enjoyed and learned so much. Will be looking forward to the next workshop with you!"
David G.,  Goodlettsville, TN 

“Thank you so much for an awesome, highly informative two days.  You are such a gifted teacher!!!!!!!!  I am really looking forward to trying the oils again.” - Valerie C. Alturas, CA

“That was so satisfying! Can’t wait to get back to the easel to practice all I learned. A wonderful experience.” - Joan B. San Diego, CA

“This was such a rewarding experience. Thank you, Sarah, for your wealth of information and your amazing skill in sharing your wonderful talent. I look forward to processing all of what we did and continuing to paint. Hope to see you again soon.” - Lisa G. San Clemente, CA

"Wonderful class Sarah! I learned so much this weekend and love using the limited palette of colors. Thank you for this informative workshop -- it was everything i hoped it would be."
 - Karen K.  Eugene, OR

"Sarah, your Warehouse 521 workshop in Nashville was perfect and a lot of fun! I love your work and your teaching style. I am confident that you will continue to be highly sought after to teach as more people learn of your talents. Thanks for sharing with us! I look forward to another workshop with you."
-Karen H. Nashville, TN

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Here is a short video describing what my workshops are like.

Painting the Dynamic Still Life

My flagship workshop! A fun and focused three days, using the still life as a tool to expand your artistic vision. Lots of color mixing and some quick, fun exercises will change your approach to painting - and your idea of what a still life can be.

Learn a step-by-step approach to alla prima oil painting, from black-and-white studies to brilliant color! Build a beautiful composition with life and movement, and pack your paintings with rich, harmonious color while simplifying your palette. Get a new perspective on the still life, and learn tips for bringing inspiration to your home studio practice.

Introduction to Oil Painting

A one, two, or three-day workshop for beginning oil painters, or those just getting back into painting.

(Workshop available with the option to have all student materials provided.)


Oil Painting Boot Camp

Paint looser, and bring a boost energy to your painting during this fun and focused three-day workshop! Learn the alla prima technique, and pack your paintings with confident, harmonious color while simplifying your palette. Get a new perspective on the still life, and great tips for bringing inspiration to your own studio practice.

We do quick, fun exercises and longer duration paintings. Sarah will demonstrate her process, and work with each student individually. Painters of all levels are welcome. Begin your oil painting journey or give your skills a work out!

 Beginning Figure Painting

If you love drawing the figure and want to try your hand at oil painting, this workshop is for you! We’ll go through the process step-by- step, from materials to paint mixing. Beginning with drawing in graphite, we will move into painting, simplifying the figure into its basic value shapes, and learning to mix gorgeous flesh tones from a simple palette of three colors plus white.


The Limited Palette Portrait

Do you love painting portraits but struggle with capturing a likeness or mixing beautiful flesh tones? Would you like to work from photos but feel the resulting paintings lack that spark of liveliness? Do you want to loosen up your brushwork and be more free to experiment with color in your portraits?

Working from a live model we’ll use a simple palette of three colors and white to create beautiful, naturalistic skin tones. There are many benefits to using a limited palette, and the technique can be applied to any kind of painting you want to do - landscape, still life, even abstract! The alla prima painting style, in which a work is begun and finished in one or two sittings, while the paint is still wet, is lots of fun and perfect for exploring the portrait in oils.

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