Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Daily Painting #300

"Simple Spring Flowers"
8 x 10"
oil on canvas

I posted my first daily painting on February 21st, 2008, and I know I've come a long way in the past two years. I've painted and done various other kinds of art for most of my life, but during several years prior to starting this blog, I made no art whatsoever. I was kind of adrift - thoroughly discouraged after graduating art school, and wondering if I'd ever find a way to get back to a place where I wanted to create. The idea of Daily Painting freed me from the pressure I felt to make something "Great" every time I sat down at the easel. Knowing that tomorrow would be a new day - that I could just start over, no matter what happened with the particular piece I was working on has been a revelation.

Just for fun, here's #100 and #200.


Jeanne Ludeke said...

Congratulations on #300! You are a tremendous inspiration to those of us who are just starting out. Your work just keeps getting better and I look forward to #400!

Gabriella Soraci said...

Yay! I LOVE this painting - and the one with the bronze globe vase is gorgeous. I know your are sick of compliments, but what they heck - you deserve them! See you soon!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Jeanne and Gab - and who says I'm sick of compliments? haha :)

Gwen Bell said...

Oh how incredibly beautiful and delicate! Love the shades of soft purples and blues and your use of that pristine white embroidered cloth adds to the fragile atmosphere. Wonderful job on the pitcher highlights!

I really appreciate you post as well. Been in that same place and really enjoy the liberation that comes with Daily Painting.

Mona said...

Congrats on getting to #300!

#100 and 200 are pretty spectacular too, but I can see how your set-ups have become more complicated, innovative, yet are still so fresh.

I've been loving your elegant blue fabric too. I have a special Indian veil I like to paint, and it's amazing how an object can be a "muse' too.