Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Portrait, New Paint

"Emily May" 
8 x 10 inches, oil on canvas

face detail - click to see it BIGGER!
 It's been *interesting* trying to get to a 9 am painting session for the past few months, but worth it. Many of you are mothers, fathers, grandparents, etc, and can relate to the challenges of getting a young child out of the house "on time," not to mention, a husband to work. I've been loving these portrait sessions, though, and with spring break next week and the decision of whether to continue on with them ahead of me, I'm feeling positive overall.
Our model this morning was the lovely Emily May, and because I'm lazy it's been awesome lately, I was Zorning it up. I even had to buy a very large tube of yellow ocher specifically for this new habit of mine!  You run through it awfully fast when it's your only yellow, believe me.
Here's my sketch after 45 minutes alongside the finish. I REALLY wanted to get her other hand in there, but, well, on an 8 x 10" canvas, there just wasn't going to be room if I wanted to do the face justice. And the pose was so eloquent that I didn't want to do only her face....I was torn over this one, such a beautiful pose, and I don't see this model enough.



Julie Ford Oliver said...

I always enjoy seeing what you do but this face made me sit up and say WOW!
The way you painted her and the lighting, the colors...her hair...
Very satisfying.

Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

Thanks so much, Julie, for sharing your "wow" moment with me. Makes my day!

Karen Werner said...

The Zorn palette is magic as far as I'm concerned. It produces such color harmony as evident here for sure. I use Gamblin's chromatic black which gives me a lovely blue and greens too when I need them. Also, I use both cad red light and cad red medium. Light for flesh tones in light, and medium for flesh tones in shadow. You might try Zorning around with that! Love your work and your posts too.