Sunday, March 31, 2013

I Get Some Sun

 "Looking Towards the Butte"
9 x 12 inches, oil on canvas

 Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day to be outside, and I was excited to tag along with my friend Patti on a plein-air expedition to Mt. Pisgah arboretum. Yes, there are some powerlines, and a few bugs - not all of them as cute as this curious ladybug - but look at that view! And I didn't even get a picture of the shimmering river curving its way through the foreground. Here's Patti, with her much-used and very efficient setup, and her finished painting, entitled "Farmland."

Mt. Pisgah is on the Southeastern edge of Eugene, and only about fifteen minutes from my house. the butte you see in the distance, and in my painting, is our most famous landmark, Spencer Butte. Here's a picture from a few weeks ago, of Jesse, Ellie and I at the top!

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Margaret S Milligan said...

Love your landscape! You are so lucky to have warm weather! It is very cold in Scotland, we had 15 inches of snow last weekend