Monday, March 18, 2013

In Which I Have Fun. Also, a Skull Update.

"Patti, Smiling"
14 x 18 inches, oil on canvas

Remember last week when I sat for this lovely portrait? Well, this week it was Patti's turn in the spotlight. I had a blast - we chatted and laughed the whole time (as long as they keep their mouths shut at certain critical moments, I love my models to talk to me) about...oh I don't know, art stuff, this and that, bugs in your plein-air paintings, funny figure model moments, studio was pretty great. I really feel like I captured her innate liveliness and humor in this portrait, photographic evidence of which can be seen below:

I'm happy with the subtle blues, greens, and purples in the background. They remind me of the colors she often uses in her gorgeous landscape paintings

And for those of you curious to hear more about our very normal for an artist skull collections - Patti went home with my deer and cow skulls, which she's already nicknamed Rudolph and Bessie, and leant me the gem of her collection, Leelou, the REAL HUMAN SKULL. Also her favorite book about our boyfriend, JSS. Thanks for sitting for me, Patti! You rock.


Cindy McDonough said...

This painting is so nice and loose and painterly, yet what a great likeness you've captured! I think your boyfriend would be proud...

Marike Kleynscheldt Art said...

It's awesome to hear other artists are just as passionate about skulls, up to this point I've had to 'borrow' from a local hospital's museum, and then just casts of human skulls, as it's obviously a little unethical to just pass around human heads(obviously? apparently so)But the animals skulls fascinate me most, so delicate and unique. Finally I recently came across a tiny little store that actually sells animal skulls, spines etc. No idea how legal it is, but I'm rarely THAT excited shopping, and it was for skulls, which had me feeling a little dark! ;)

Jody Regan Paints! said...

You did capture her vitality. Lovely portrait.

Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

Thank you so much Cindy and Jody! Lovely comments, both. And Marike -
I'm glad another artist can relate! We skull lovers need to stick together (and share the secret locations of these special stores....!) :)