Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Black and White Christmas" - a winter holiday still life oil painting on canvas

 8 x 10"
oil on 1.5" thick (gallery profile) stretched canvas
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This is not a "black and white" painting exactly - these were the colors of the still life I set up, believe it or not. I was challenging myself to capture the colors in the whites and grays, but it ended up coming out more like a value study. I LOVE white and silver as a Christmas decorating motif - they look really good together on a tree or wreath.

My Thanksgiving Painting Giveaway details are coming tomorrow!



Debbie said...

So beautiful! I love the way you've been able to capture the sheen of the white satin ornaments, and the shine of the silver.

rateyourart said...

I truly love all of your work.
This piece is wonderful!
Very tough subject to capture, and you did it superbly.