Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pocket Painting - Sunflower and Blue Bottle

2 x 2"
oil on canvas

I've been thinking about the best way to pack these paintings for shipment. Padded envelopes don't seem to offer enough protection, but cardboard boxes add weight, and are often too big for these small paintings. If anyone has a great packing or shipping trick, could you jot it down in the comments? Thanks in advance.


Taryn Day said...

The U.S. postal service will send you boxes for free of all sorts of sizes, from tiny to huge. You can go to their website and order them online.
Go to

Amy Mann said...

Sarah, I have shipped my little 6"x8" paintings on canvas board in a bubble-wrap envelope, size 9"x12", folded over (the painting inside is across the narrow dimension) and taped up. Seemed well-protected enough.

BTW, this sunflower painting is just beautiful!