Saturday, July 19, 2008


5 x 7"
oil on panel (built-in hanging slot)

There are sunflowers blooming up and down the street this week. They all seem to be watching each other from their respective yards, maybe planning where they will spread their seeds for next year's blooms. All the sunflowers in our yard are "volunteers," and if we hadn't uprooted many of them in the earliest stages of growth, we'd truly have a forest of sunflowers out there right now.


Taryn Day said...

Beautiful colors and composition. I like the strength of the yellow in the sunflower- it's not muted with any white, is it?

Susan Carlin said...

Oh, I love the strong colors in this painting! Beautiful perspective, too. Hooray!

E. Floyd said...

Nice painting, I love how you captured the reflections on the blue pitcher.

Anonymous said...

I love this beautiful painting and proud to have it in my kitchen! You do fabulous work and the vibrant colors are what brought me to your site!
Thank you so much!