Monday, July 28, 2008

Trumpet Vine

5 x 7"
oil on canvas on panel

Today I'm trying out some new painting panels I bought online here. The price is right, the shipping was fast, and the panels seem to be very good quality. You can really see the canvas texture in the finished painting, compared to my work on gessobord. Whether this textured appearance is a good thing or not is a matter of personal preference. I'm more comfortable painting on a smoother surface right now, but only because that's what I've become used to over the past few months. I'm defintely going to keep using both types of surfaces in the future.


Susan Carlin said...

Your blue glass wows me! What color and brand is that, do you mind sharing?

E. Floyd said...

Love the blue and orange with the neutral background! This one really pops off the canvas, is it because it is a new material?

S.M. Sedwick said...

I don't think the "poppiness" of the colors is because of the new canvas board I used....but that canvas texture does seem to grab onto paint more and keep it from sliding around into other colors, so maybe. Most of the blue is French Ultramarine from Windsor and Newton. I mixed in a little quinacridone violet (M. Graham brand)- and there is also some pthalo blue (W&N) in there I think.

Thanks for the encouraging words, guys!