Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Coneflower" fine art oil painting one dollar auction and a bonus self-pitying rant

5 x 7"
oil on canvas
auction starts at $1

 I admit it. I have moments of insane hubris, and in those moments, I've been known to enter juried art shows. Even though my brain knows that we all get rejected from 99.9% of all the things we apply for in this creative life, my pride is still wounded when it happens. Especially when it's a show I feel like I should be able to get into. See? Insane hubris. Inflated sense of self-worth. Megalomania.

So, today I'm disappointed. I indulged in a little twitter whining. Then I did some photoshop therapy (I have very limited photoshop skills, see above). And now I'm going to offer this painting for $1 because selling paintings makes me happy. And the $1 paintings always sell. :)


Julie Ford Oliver said...

Taste is soooo subjective. Obviously the judges had poor taste because i am a huge fan of your wonderful work and I would not only put it in the show but would also give it a prize

Barbara Pask said...

I agree with Julie, it is very discouraging when someone with you talent gets rejected. It is just someone's opinion. Shake it off, you're fantastic.

Jeanne Ludeke said...

Your figurative painting is jaw-dropping great. You are far better than most our there, hang tough!