Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Cutting In" still life original oil painting on canvas orange knife plate

12 x 12"
oil on canvas

I was cutting into this orange to paint it in pieces, and I got lazy made an artistic spur-of-the-moment decision to try it this way. My favorite part - the juice:

Because of some Blogger-wierdness, the top of the painting is getting slightly cropped. I promise, the edge of the vase does not touch the edge of the canvas. It's close, though! :) Here's a shot of this painting in progress.

I'm rushing out the door to get to figure painting night - Gabriella is coming with me, so my Facebook updates might be extra fun tonight!


Karen Werner said...

Beautiful, Sarah! You nailed the juice, and the stick adds so much interest.

Karen Boe said...

I think you made the right call with that orange - I love the repetition of circles and of the sharp lines that break them up. Another gorgeous compo!

Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

Thanks, Karen and Karen! :) I really appreciate it.