Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Rebecca in White" figurative figure painting nude woman girl portrait

9 x 12"
oil on canvas

My second go at this lovely pose. This time I moved about a quarter of the way around the model. I wish the studio was large enough to place the model stand in the center of the room so that a back view would always be possible, but having it against a wall affords us the advantage of a backdrop. Below is my progression - the third image is how the painting looked when I brought it home. I refined it a little this morning - smoothing the background and the chair, mostly.
click on image to see it larger


Linda Popple said...

Beautiful skin tones and I love her pose.

Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

Thanks, Linda! I helped myself with skin tones by toning the canvas with a mix of 90% orange, 10% blue before I began. A light wash of burnt sienna would be comparable. This helps me from getting too bright with my flesh tones.

Margaret S Milligan said...

This is lovely, very difficult also the fabric has been handled beautifully

Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

Thank you, Margaret!

Mark Bidstrup said...

Great composition! (and painting!)