Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tips and Tricks: It's Curtains!

 My contribution to this month's blog carnival, devoted to Tips and Tricks, is all about window treatments. It might sound a bit strange - this is an art blog and an art tips carnival, after all. Some of you, having witnessed firsthand my attempts at interior decoration, might be wondering what I could possibly contribute on the subject of tasteful decor curtains, but fear not! At the heart of this matter are two subjects I do know something about: problem solving the simple way, and shopping at the thrift store.
I've come to realize that people like to redecorate. They must, because there are tons of curtains at the thrift store. Weird curtains. Oh well, I don't judge. The more colorful, the better, for my purposes...

Those purposes include model backdrop, still life component, and (in moments of desperation), drop cloth. Hey, they're pretty cheap, these used curtains. 
One of my favorite ways to use any piece of fabric is to block out windows when I want to control a lighting situation. Our weather changes very quickly sometimes, and when I have a model in my studio, using window light, which can switch from cloudy grey to bright and sunny with no warning, is not a good option. Sun breaks make the general public happy, but for me, they are no good!
By putting two little nails in the wall, I can easily hang a window-blocker of any type with bulldog clips. Those round holes are so convenient.

If you score some of these funky grommet-curtains,  you can skip the clips altogether. I'm not sure how I feel about this type of curtain as an actual decorative element (although, it's already been established that I am no Martha Stewart), I love them for this:


I've got one more tidbit before I send you off on your carnival rounds. I get tons of questions about how I hang paintings in my studio, and the answer is simple:
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Julie Bloch said...

Hey Sarah, none of the art links work for the other tips

Joanne Grant said...

I love this tip!!! I often find so many things....artwise in the Thrift Store...frames, cups, plates, still life set ups but I never thought to go look through the curtains and what I could use them for!! Genius!!!

Marla said...

Curtains! Brilliant!

In my studio, I use vinyl shower liners as the actual curtains - no sense using anything nice, because it will definitely become paint splattered.

Sharon L. Graves said...

Genius idea. Thanks.

Cathy Engberg said...

What a great idea!! I'm going to have to get out and look for some of these curtains. Thanks Sarah!

Johnna Schelling said...

Terrific idea - around here it's hard to find a fabric store but we have a few thrifts, will check that out!

Tres Denizac said...

I'm a member of the push pin club...