Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Candlelit Quartet" still life daily painting candle flame original oil on canvas

6 x 6"
oil on canvas

I'm convinced the color palette for this one was subliminally inspired by the view from my studio window today. Wet leaves, green shifting to yellow to rust red...forest-green fur trees and their greyish-lavender trunks, everything damp damp damp. I'd supply you a real picture to go with that mental one, but I'm a little bit camera-challenged right now. I need Santa to bring me a really gorgeous (or just reasonably attractive) digital SLR this xmas!


Jody Regan Paints! said...

Lovely palette. I love the way you applied the holes in the front left shadow. Nice variety of surface textures, very believable, with economy of strokes.

Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

Thank you, Jodi! I don't know about economy of strokes, I think I overspent myself just a little, but I knew when to stop. That's always the trick for me.

Karen Boe said...

I love this composition - so unconventional. This one is hard to stop staring at - I think it's one of your best ever!

Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

Thanks, Karen! I'm also finding it strangely look-able. Means a lot to me, coming from you!