Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Two Matches" still life candle flame fire lemons daily painting oil on canvas

8 x 8"
oil on canvas

I had to revisit this setup. I couldn't stop looking at those spent matchsticks lying next to the other objects and thinking they should have been worked into the painting somehow. I sized up to an 8x8" canvas and zoomed out just a bit to slip them in. 

A mention of the presidential election seems almost unavoidable today, and I've succumbed to the coverage as much as any American. My studio days are passed listening to NPR, and while I've never consdiered myself an activist, I had a lot of fun painting this guy four years ago.

I'll be painting a portrait of some as-yet-undeclared candidate tonight at the Art Center, and live-updating it on Twitter and FB, though I'm sure my efforts will be absolutely swallowed by election results. I can't complain - I'll be glued to my headphones.


SYLVIANE said...

A pity you have captchas, I've made an effort...

Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

Sorry, Sylviane - I totally agree that Captcha is a huge pain, but if I take it off, I get nothing but spam all day long! Thank you for taking the trouble to comment. I really appreciate it!