Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Tawny" nude female figure painting portrait woman girl oil on canvas

8 x 10"
oil on canvas

I painted this last night while listening to election results on my headphones. I had fun playing town crier, keeping everyone in the studio updated, since no one else wanted to paint and listen to political commentary. For some reason, I concentrate really well with talk-radio in the background. 

Below is my progression. You can see that I started out intending to keep both hands in the frame, but had to lose the lower one during hour 2 because I'd drawn the torso too short. It was either chop off the hand or repaint the head smaller, not exactly a difficult choice, since I was pleased with my rendering of the face at that point. Next week I will try to get both hands in.

The DPW auction to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy has raised almost $5,000 so far, and I'm proud to be part of it. My donation auction ends tonight at 6 pm PCT. Please place a bid, if you can, and support the American Red Cross. Thanks!

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