Wednesday, May 1, 2013

One Last Fling

 "The Swedish Student"
11 x 14 inches, oil on canvas

Big, cheap, and raggedy - No, I'm not talking about my model! It is a pretty accurate description of the brush I used to paint her with, though. It's an old, cheap, number 6 flat that I keep around for applying tone to my canvases - that orangey color you see behind this one, for example. Anyway, I sort of forgot to switch brushes after toning my canvas, and once I noticed - hey, it was working, so I just kept going. 

Worn out brushes often give me one final cool-looking painting before dying completely. One last, loose, sketchy fling!

Here's my progress, taken at 45 minute intervals. I'm pretty proud of the fact that once I'd painted an area, I managed to leave it generally intact, except for some minor blending and adjusting. It's so frustrating when I feel like I'm repainting the entire thing, over and over what I've already done.


Fay Terry said...

This is perhaps my favorite of your recent figure paintings-you just keep coming up with wonderful color and composition.

Helen Moreda said...

Love those skin tones Sarah.What wonderful texture, strokes. Great job.