Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Picked Your Lilacs

 "Lilacs and Lemons"
8 x 8 inches, oil on canvas

After my brush stroke workout yesterday, I was more than ready to break out a brand new brush and keep keeping it simple! New flats and brights are the best for this - their lines are so precise and crisp. If you don't clean them, or leave them sitting in your solvent jar for hours, or carry them around in a funky vintage makeup case to and from classes and open studios (as I do, yes, all of the above), that crispness doesn't last long. Believe me, I will be cleaning my brushes as soon as I hit "publish!"

...cleaning them, and then stuffing them into the aforementioned case and heading to figure painting night. Join me! (Virtually, in person, or via astral projection - your choice.)
 Sketch for "Lilacs and Lemons" approx. 5.5" square, oil on Arches oil paper. 30 minutes.


Gretchen Hancock said...

A gorgeous job on the lilacs. They are so complex-you have simplified them beautifully. I like both the sketch and the final.

Taryn Day said...

Wow, Sarah, your quick sketches are getting more and more fabulous. I'm in awe that you can achieve such beauty so quickly!! Me, on the other hand- well, I'm slowing down these days.

Fay Terry said...

Sarah, these lilacs are fabulous. Congrats on the sale, wish I had acted more quickly when I first thought to buy it.