Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Carnival in my Studio!

Let's kick things off with a painting (because it can't be all fun and games):

"Blueberries and Water"
8 x 8 inches, oil on canvas

....And now, ladies and gents - step right up, no tickets required for this guided tour of my studio! 

Can't you just hear the slow creeeeaaak of the door opening...?

Ok, there's no freak show or tunnel of love in this post. It's a blog carnival, in which a group of artists get together to post about the same topic. In this case: our studios.

I've shared pictures of my studio before, but here's what it's looking like this week. Two easels, tons of plants, random still life stuff everywhere, and paintings all over the walls.

You can see canvases stacked and leaning on both sides of my cabinet. The left is for blanks, the right is for paintings. I find this to be a *sophisticated* yet intuitive method of organization.

Below you can see some of my happy little plants. Correct levels of Oxygen and Co2 in an art studio is critical to the creative process! I fool myself that they take my fume exposure down a notch as well.

Below I attempted a panorama of a painting-in-progress on the easel. Left to right, top to bottom: My still life setup with painting, my palette, my painting table (and glass bottle collection), my paintbrushes, and a jumble of paints. The last two I'm not too proud of, but the system does contain some cryptic orderliness, and it's been working for me so far!

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Marla said...

You know, I don't have ANY plants in my studio! I don't know why, obviously they contribute to a creative environment.

Thanks for sharing with us!

Kim Rempel said...

Oh Sarah, I laughed at your plant reference. I hear ya : ) Anyway, this is a wonderful space! Thanks for sharing. It's really cool seeing where so many artists do their thing.

Judy said...

Do you put pieces of colored paper out for the colored spaces on the "floor" of your still life table? Love the effect--


Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

Thanks Marla - and thanks for organizing the carnival! Kim - thanks, I loved seeing your studio too. Judy - yep, pieces of colored paper. I'm kind of into them right now!

Joanne Grant said...

I envy you that you have wall space to hang your paintings! So lovely!!

I also have a glass bottle collection! Sometimes they distract me from painting other things....they are just so pretty that they are all I want to put into a still life!

Your blueberry painting is fantastic! Blueberries and glass....what could be better?? And you did it beautifully!!

Sea Dean said...

Love your blog style and what a creative space. I feel how much you enjoy being there.

Taryn Day said...

Thanks for the tour, Sarah! I'm struck by your very individual way of arranging your palette. Do you have another surface for just mixing? I love the plants!

Cindy Michaud said...

OK why did I not think of plants....nice job, enjoyed my visit Sarah. I feel much better about my leaning stacks now!

Kaethe Bealer said...

What a great lay out! I have admired your work for awhile and now I can add "studio envy" to my list. :)

Johnna Schelling said...

wonderful space - especially knowing what great paintings come from within. Despite being virtual, it's so personal. thanks for the tour.