Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Display My Values

 "Breakfast Bar"
10 x 10 inches, oil on canvas

Hope you all enjoyed the blog carnival-slash-virtual-studio-tour yesterday! I thought my studio was pretty cool, but man, now I've got serious studio envy! The Titanium is always whiter....

So, this painting has a back-story. And as with many stories, it beings with "I've got this friend...." Because I do. Have this friend. Who is really into whiskey - or scotch - or whatever this stuff is - and also likes art. His big idea was to buy me a bottle and see what kind of painting I'd make of it after sampling the goods.

Let the record show: I'm perfectly willing to be the victim of sadistic artistic manipulations when high-quality alchohol is involved.

The eggs were kind of incidental. I had just finished this piece, and thought, 'Man, some whisky/scotch/moonshine would be really good right now,' and before I knew it, I had begun my commission. 

The value scale was another happy accident. I just threw it in there, but halfway through the painting I saw the genius. Whiskey and eggs for breakfast - now those are some solid values. Get it? Yuk yuk.

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