Friday, January 26, 2018

A New Tarot Series Painting

 "The Juggler"
12 x 16 inches, oil on canvas

The two of pentacles is all about juggling life's priorities. "There is a tendency to be distracted by day-to-day affairs and general busy-ness, so prioritizing your activities and carefully managing your time is essential." A good thought for anyone at any time, but particularly for artists. How do we do the thing we love - the thing we most want to do - but which doesn't necessarily get dinner served on time? Deciding to make painting a priority and balancing your life around that goal is a topic that comes up frequently with my online mentorship students. Self-motivation is endless and fascinating.

But, of course, I chose the juggler for this painting because of the way the round yellow shapes of his pentacles mirror the shapes of the two oranges. The significance, reliably, follows.  😉

The black-and-white oil study for this one is also available, here.

Thanks for looking!

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