Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Orange Nude" female figure figurative oil painting from a live model

9 x 12"
oil on canvas

Figure painting has been really rewarding for me lately, and the fact that my friend Gabriella has joined our Tuesday group is making me love it even more! Below is her painting, about half completed. I thought about not showing it to you - now you know about all the things I routinely leave out - but I figured you'd forgive me. What can I say? My nudes are in your face.

Untitled, work-in-progress by Gabriella Soraci. 16x20" oil on canvas
I love the way she paints the atmosphere of the room, instead of 'here's a sheet, here's some shelves, etc...' I can almost feel the air in there.

 Here's where I was at one, two, and three hours with the pose:

And here I am pretending to paint painting it! Secret blogger tip: get your friends to come to figure painting with you, then force them to take your picture. A lot. Because they love it.


Julie Ford Oliver said...

What wonderful flesh colors. Yummy! that is an art in itself.
How I envy you. I took a figure workshop for five days in early January and would love to have something like that here. So I really envy you, but at least it is not wasted because your work is awesome and so is the painting by your friend Gabriela.

Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

Thank you, Julie! Have you tried googling figure painting groups in your area? I bet you'll find something. Also if there is a college or university nearby, they often have open studios meant for students, but the public can go too. The one here is even free!

Karen Boe said...

Another awesome nude - really love this one.
You have been busy lately Sarah - hope you're enjoying your own workshops - that's fantastic.
Thanks for all the great stuff in previous posts, too. This was an extra fun visit! :)