Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Palette That Limited Me

"Pale Citrus"
8 x 8 inches
oil on canvas

I love the gray that a mixture of Cerulean blue and Cadmium red make, so I decided to use them together in another limited palette experiment. I picked yellow ocher as the third primary, because I wanted to keep the red as the strongest influence, as I feel it was here.

Unfortunately, I had a beautiful bowl of clementines hanging out in my studio this week, just begging to be painted. And this palette of extremely muted oranges is what I brought to the task. 

I like the muted colors, and those special grays. I feel the limited palette helped me achieve color harmony. And I nailed the values, if I do say so myself: 


....but I might have done those juicy, glowing clementines a little more justice with some cadmium yellow in the mix!

1 comment:

Brenda Ferguson said...

Hi Sarah,
Is it possible to show/tell us how you mix these color palettes of yours? Thanks!