Monday, February 4, 2013

Workshop: it should be called Playshop

My painting from this morning. 6x6 inches,  primary palette, about 45 minutes
 My new workshop got going this morning - it's called "Painting, Fast and Fun," and will be Mondays all month long. It's a great group, and we had a blast today - with no shortage of colorful subject matter, as you can see:

We did the 45-30-15 exercise that I did myself a few days ago, using a strictly Primary palette - and while there was a wee bit of stress in the air, some lovely work was made.


Two of the 45 minute paintings. Liz's on top and Phemie's below.

 I'm already looking forward to next Monday!


Margaret S Milligan said...

What beautiful results! Well done to all

Sue Marrazzo said...

Good Luck and have fun in Class!!!
My students inspire me, too!

Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

Thanks for your comments, Margaret and Sue - I agree, their wonderful work is an inspiration.