Thursday, April 25, 2013

Queen of the Elegant Segway

"Emily's Eyes"
9 x 12 inches, oil on canvas

Paint, paint, paint! Life is good this week, with lots going on, at the easel and elsewhere. Here's my work from Tuesday night, getting a bit closer-in to this pose. I used a basic primary palette - red, yellow, and blue - with a little black thrown in, you know, for darkness.

Because what this model needs is a little darkness!?! I admit, I'm totally taken with her clear blue eyes and blonde, asymmetrical hair.  I feel like I should be painting her in a beautiful garden, with flowers spilling everywhere.

....Speaking of which (and I will now accept the title of 'Queen of the Elegant Segway'), Eugene is having a huge celebration of All Things Art this August - there is even a plein air paintout and competition in the works - and I have thrown myself and my hat into the ring! I'll be teaching a one-day workshop, "Painting the Figure en Plein Air" in the lovely courtyard of The Gallery at the Watershed, Saturday August 10th. It will be an all-day affair, with a lengthy demo and plenty of time for painting and individual instruction. There are only eight spots, so if you want to join me, please call Amy at the gallery right now! ((541) 844-1668 - or email

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