Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Somebody get him a can of Bud!

"Shirtless Man"
11x14 inches, oil on canvas

Ah, figure painting. So good to be back to you after what felt like a loooong spring break, during which I actually took no time off from you.

Well, Maude Kerns Art Center figure painting is just better than other kinds of figure painting, what can I say?

Here's what I can say: when I saw this model last night, I was less-than-thrilled. We're all human, deserving of respect, and beautiful in our own way, but some of us make better painting subjects than others. At least that was my initial reaction. Then I started thinking about some of my art-idols and imaginary boyfriends, and realized that their subjects aren't always young, thin, female, and gorgeous. One of my current favorites is Sean Cheetham - he doesn't paint the classical beauty, ever. So I decided to attempt to work on some of the things I want to improve in my figure painting - flesh tones, composition, looseness, gesture - and forget about the fact that most likely no one would want to put this one on their bedroom wall.

 Though I admit, I'm a horrible judge of what-people-will-buy. Without fail, whenever I finish a painting feeling like a rockstar, I'm in luck, because that painting stays with me forever.

 ....So someone get ME a can of bud - or 250 cans, even. I'll share.


Sue Harrell said...

A diamond in the rough...this turned out quite well. I agree with your assessment, and once again I'm impressed with your eye and your skill! Once we began painting, I became quite eager to capture his facial features. Unfortunately, I had a "paint malfunction" so had to leave early. I got photos, though, so will try to finish this tomorrow.

Jo Mackenzie said...

I appreciate this blog entry...and "boy" is it ever true.

Virginia Floyd said...

You are too funny! This actually turned out quite nicely. And at least he had his clothes on.